My Way Of Dealing With Sadness

Hello everyone!

So today, I’ve been riding around in the roller coaster and emotion. Why? Because:

1. I got scolded for not finishing my homework.

2. I cannot stay home alone but INSTEAD I have to follow my dad to work.

3. Wasted half the day standing around because of this insurance problem dad was having.

4. Felt really irritated with my friends and myself.

5. Realise that I don’t have friends.

6. Even if I do, they’re probably back stabbing me.

7. Felt useless.

8. Feel like crying.

Do you see the similarities between all of those? Yes. They’re all connected to the emotion called sadness.

Being a very fail human being that I am, I fail to control these emotions and end up posting statuses about it.


binge eating.

If you don’t know what binge eating is, well do you know how people eat a lot when they’re sad? That’s binge eating.

To consume a large amount of food in a short period of time.

I know that it sound REALLY unhealthy but really. If you had a choice to eradicate sadness and be fat or have depression and anxiety overflow your body which one would you choose?

…obviously the first one. Without the being fat one.

WELL that’s it for today’s blog post and oh by the way, I just bought An Abundance Of Katherines by John Green today and I’m lovin’ it! IT’S HILARIOUS I CAN ASSURE YOU.

So I’ll see you guys in the next post.

Bye! ily.


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Hello everyone!

So it’s the holidays in Malaysia so.. hi I’m back!

So last Friday, my school hosted this English learning session thingy for the Form 3 students (15 years old) who will be facing the PT3 exam this year. It was quite boring but it’s mandatory so I really can’t do anything about it.

So the lecturer (our teacher) was teaching and I was like ‘Whatever. I know my English stuff,’ . After the lecture, she was like ‘Ok, I have work for you guys,’ and handed out these thick compilation of grammar exercises. And of course, with my ego I was just like ‘This is gonna be a piece of cake,’ internally.

I answered some of the questions and the lecturer was like ‘ARE YOU READY TO CHECK THE ANSWERS TOGETHER?’ and everyone was like ‘NOOOOO!’ but she proceeded anywhere. And THAT’S when, ‘What? Why did I get this wrong? Why did I get that wrong?WHY DO I HAVE SO MANY WRONGS?’

Personally, I think that my English is far more superior than my friends but in reality, it’s not. Many people got higher marks than me in our school’s English exam. From what my friends see during that time is that I just accepted my fate of getting a B in the exam but internally I was OUTRAGEOUS. ‘THIS UNACCEPTABLE! I’M FAR MORE BETTER THAN MY FRIENDS IN ENGLISH. I’M THE ALPHA ONE. I’M THE SUPERIOR ONE. BUT WHY?’

Now I think that really, I should just accept that fate that I am indeed the contrary of being the Alpha one. *exaggerated sigh* Thanks ego for blinding myself from the reality that is I SUCK IN ENGLISH! 😦

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Please tell me if I’ve made any grammatical mistakes in my blog posts. Maybe it’ll help improve my English?


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