Start What You Dream (Introduction)

I know that most of you think that this is an inspirational blog post or something. That’s why you clicked on it. Well no. Actually, today, I would like to introduce myself because I’ve never properly introduced myself even when I was using Blogspot. Talk about a misleading title.

The name that I’ve been given is Muhammad Khalid Rahimi. And yes, I’m a Muslim. But fear not, I shall do no harm. I really don’t know what you guys should call me but I think I’m more comfortable being called Muhammad.

I’m from Malaysia. The land of the tallest twin tower as of today. I think that my country is quite nice. Although, the money situation is kinda troublesome for us. But it’s comfy. Everyone of all races and religions are working harmoniously together. Needless to say, it’s a pretty safe country I guess.

I’m 15 and that means. I SHALL BE FACING SOMETHING SO TERRIBLE THAT WORDS CAN’T EVEN DESCRIBE THE TERRIBLENESS.. PT3. A test that all students that are aged 15 are mandatory to take. I really am not sure if that sentence was right or not but you get the idea I guess.

I’m a guy. Who um has confidence and anxiety issues. I usually get really sad about things. Almost anything actually. Which is kinda sad.

The reason I started a blog in the first place was to confide my feelings and because I wanted to follow the footsteps of Penny from Girl Online. Honestly, it’s a REALLY great book. Girl Online by Zoe Sugg (a.k.a Zoella on YouTube). DEFINITELY a great read. But yeah my blog ended up becoming a YouTube Vlog just without the video.

Being a YouTuber is a dream that I most possibly can’t achieve because of circumstances.

1. I don’t have a camera to record myself.

2. I don’t have a laptop to edit my my videos.

But maybe, if I get the time is right, maybe you guys, my followers and readers can help me realise that dream?

That is all from me today. Don’y forget to follow my blog, like and comment!



Twitter: @muhammadkhaimi

Instagram: mkhalidr

Tumblr: mooothecowman

Snapchat: muhammadmooo



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