So hello everyone! How was your day? I hope you’re doing splendid!

So today me, my brother and cousins went to the movies to well watch a movie. It was a show about my country’s football (as in kicking the ball into the goal net thing and not rugby) history. It was a really great and interesting movie. But really, that’s not the only reason why we watched the movie. The other reason is that, my brother’s friend who is also my senior was in it. He only said like two lines in the whole movie though but we still came to watch him in the movie.

From a normal guy to a movie actor. It’s a normal occurrence that people will change before and after being famous.

And that’s what I’ll be talking about today : What Fame Does to People

Okay, don’t lie. We have all dreamt of being a famous person in our lives. I mean, I still do. But let me just tell you the changes a person who has fame will face.

1. People will start to like you
So now you’re just a normal kid in school. Possibly not really liked and just.. meh. Your following on Instagram is more than your followers. And even some of your school mate who KNOWS you doesn’t even follow you. But when you achieve the status of a famous person, they’ll come running towards you. They’ll love you and be proud that you’re they’re ‘friends’ even though they didn’t even follow your Instagram before you’re famous. When someone starts to talk about you, they’ll start nagging about how he/she ‘s your ‘friend’ even though they probably isolated you in the first place.

2. No privacy
I’m pretty sure everyone knows who Sia is. If you don’t she’s the singer who sang Titanium and Chandelier. If you’ve noticed, (I mean how can anyone not notice it) she doesn’t show her face to the public anymore. She’s always hiding behind her wig or some fancy face covering accessory. That’s because she doesn’t want to be known when in public. She wants to live a normal life like us. I suppose that’s a picture of how bad the famous life is. You’ll always be surrounded by rumours, paparazzis and crazy maniac fans who’ll track down your location. Creepy.

I’m really out of ideas now but that’s all I’ve got. Please comment down below about your thoughts on this blog entry. Also, do you still want to be famous? Comment down below!

That’s all from me. BYE XOXO


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